About ITEA

ITEA is the only leading international teacher and support staff certification programme which acknowledges:

  • Today’s students should be exposed to the most modern teaching and learning methods in order to compete within a global workforce environment
  • Teachers, Support Staff and Trainers can greatly enhance their performance through the application of technology
  • There has been a huge investment in technology for learning but only effective training and competency standards will ensure that this investment is maximised.


ITEA objective and basic process of certification:

The objective of ITEA is to give recognition to educators and support staff when they use technology with their learners. 

The certification process is based on a candidate working through a series of Units, each with a credit rating, producing evidence to prove competency against the ITEA framework.

Candidates seeking accreditation are enrolled via an ITEA Approved Centre and are supported by trained ITEA Assessors working within the Centre.

Additionally, units can be submitted via the website for moderation and accreditation.

The Unit evidence is not exam-based but encourages a portfolio of evidence approach.  Therefore, the candidate submits a short report of their learning and teaching intervention with copies of the related resources to their assigned ITEA Assessor.  Observation reports of lessons can also be used as evidence.

Candidates submit evidence electronically.

Candidates progress through the Foundation ITEA, Intermediate ITEA and Advanced ITEA, according to the number of Units and the number of Credits successfully completed.

Benefits of ITEA:

The ITEA programme is freely available, flexible, achievable and increases motivation with an easy to understand structure and a manageable workload. Consequently there are a number of easily identifiable benefits of educators undertaking the certification programme. These are as follows:

  • The Educator or member of Support Staff benefits as they receive credible recognition
  • The School/College/University benefits through improved practice, Student satisfaction and achievement and competitive positioning
  • Organisations receive a maximum return on their investment in technology.

The international nature of ITEA:

ITEA is now undertaken by Candidates around the world on every continent. As well as in the UK, ITEA is being delivered successfully in the Middle East, parts of the Far East, the USA and parts of Latin America.