ITEA Units

As contributors to the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative, ITEA Units can be downloaded free of charge by registered members working in an educational setting. Please complete the registration form to access the framework and resources.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial-NoDerivitives 3.0 Unported License. Units and supporting resources can be downloaded, but must be accredited to ITEA CPD and not altered in any way.

ITEA is constantly evolving to reflect good educational practice and the certification program is based on a series of compulsory and elective units.

To achieve Foundation ITEA, a selection of additional units must be completed and a total of 75 credits achieved.

Progression to Intermediate and Advanced ITEA can be achieved by completing of additional units.

ITEA Candidate Progression Model:

Progressive certificates are awarded by achieving a combination of Compulsory and Elective Units.